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Building an HTML email is not like building for the web

A great article about the challenges of building HTML for email clients. I had banged my head on many of these challenges and want to reiterate his point below to “keep it simple”. While web browsers continue their onward march towards standards, many email clients have stubbornly stayed put. Some have even gone backwards. In […]

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TextExpander vs Typeit4me: one bug to rule them

I am trying out “TextExpander” because I was having a problem with Typeit4me where it would stop working often with no reason. The TextExpander folks got back to me quickly with an explanation and I have to assume it is affecting many people. There is a bug in Firefox and Chrome where they enable secure […]

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PayPal iPhone app review: deposit check with a photo

Another innovative feature from PayPal. This is free. Deposit a check just by taking a photo of it with your iPhone camera. I tried it and it took 7 days for the check to clear. Not exactly warp speed so I hope that will improve over time. But still feels “futuristic”. Simple to do: Launch […]

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Exhibition: SFMOMA ShadowShop

I’ll have a couple items in this big store-in-the-gallery at SFMOMA. On display till May 1, 2011. 1) I’ll have a small book: 2) …and a series of pens—an older “artist multiple” project. YOUR INHERITANCE WILL BE PLASTIC RECYCLE EVERYTHING BUT THE PAST FORGET TO REPRODUCE YOU ARE GRATEFUL FOR YOUR SUPER POWERS WE THOUGHT […]

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Redesigning the Boarding Pass

An interesting discussion of why current boarding pass designs are badly designed and don’t serve their users well. With a wide variety of sketches to stimulate the eye. It was like someone put on a blindfold, drank a fifth of whiskey, spun around 100 times, got kicked in the face by a mule (the person […]

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Exhibition: Scene Unseen

Scene Unseen, a group show at Rayko Photo Center November 11 – December 12, 2010 reception: November 11, 6-8pm, Free Photographed or created spaces and places that haven’t been seen like this before. I’ll have 4 large panoramic images from Kyoto and elsewhere in southern Japan. View reception and installation photos on Flickr Read review […]

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Cool Tools: The Best Magazine Articles Ever

This is a great collection of articles covering a wide range of topics. I’ve made my way through half of them and have not been disappointed. The following are suggestions for the best magazine articles in English ever.  Stars denote how many times a correspondent has suggested it. This is a work in progress. It […]

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Plugin notes: Riffly video comments

Riffly: It’s a module/plugin that integrates with an online service that will host video and audio comments. It lets you add video or audio to a comment or to a blog post – or any node. It uses a flash interface that looks for a mic or webcam attached to your computer. But this plugin […]

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Drupal vs. WordPress – designers take note

I hope to attend this (sarcastically named) session at the upcoming Drupal camp: WordPress is better than Drupal, developers take note. Drupal is far behind WordPress in terms of number of users and that’s a cause for concern in the Drupal community. I am straddling both the Drupal and WP communities and it has been […]

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WordPress com-vs-org

The difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org can cause some confusion. Overall WordPress.org allows for complete customization of display/design/branding and also full control over  functionality. Design: .com has limited number of themes to start with. every theme has some customizations like header/logo and bg color. paying for css upgrade gives another layer of possible customizations. .org allows […]

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