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Web 2.0 expo 2009 notes

1) For screen sharing
Free for one-to-one. Allows sharing of only part of a screen – interesting interface. Guests don’t have to download anything – it runs in flash.
Paid version has support for 8 guests, whiteboard

But users can’t control each others cursor.  So skype screen sharing is tough competition for them since it’s already ‘right there’ for many people.

2) Interesting input device:
TrackBar Emotion Roller Bar Mouse

3) all o’rielly books online free!
Safari Techbooks Online
Full-text online access to over 1000 computing, IT, and management titles released by leading publishers that you can read online. The collection includes all of the Safari Techbooks titles for the current and previous two calendar years.

3) simplified web marketing
Offers a tool for placing ads on google, yahoo and msn from one web-based interface. Includes other tools to simplify advertising options like landing page optimization.

Interesting security note:
If your laptop memory is removed from your computer the information on it can be copied for up to a few minutes before fading away. So even encrypted hard drives are vulnerable. There is a video here that explains the procedure clearly.

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