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Five Steps to Quirky Success

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I would add to this summary that quirky is not the place for complex electronics. i have seen some submissions that are clearly more complex that what they want to produce. they say anything that can be sold for under $150 is fair game but i think there should be more guidelines for what they are looking for. And I’d like to see a site that has a similar community-based approach but to larger projects – know of anything like that?

Five Tips for Quirky Success:

1) Find a good problem to solve: People don’t buy products, they buy solutions.

2) Do your homework: Google is you first step.

3) Keep it Simple:The best ideas are the ones that are so simple that they are elegant.

4) Carefully craft your pitch: Picture = 1K words and a good video is priceless. as long as its under 2 minutes.

5) Make it like a bikini…

via Five Steps to Quirky Success « Invention Addict.

see also: quirky.com

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