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Picture Berlin – intensive workshops in fine art photography

This program sounds like a great opportunity for an intensive work and training experience in fine art photography in one of my favorite cities – Berlin.

It’s like an intensive workshop only it lasts almost a full month. April Gertler is the director.

What can I gain from this program that other programs wouldn’t be able to give me ?

Picture Berlin is a unique chance to experience the international artistic community from the inside. The focus of the program is to have a feeling of what it is like to experience art and discussions about art in a context that might be new and unfamiliar to you, with people you do not know. The challenges of considering your artistic practice and simultaneously being exposed to cultural differences is an enriching experience which can further your work in leaps and bounds that might be astonishing. Participants create a portfolio ready for presentation after the program is completed, and have exhibition experience ready to put on their artist resumes. Also, each participant will gain insight in the way the European art scene works, ranging from an overview of the European artist residency network, to how to prepare a portfolio. You’ll also engage in discussions on contemporary art and gain a basic understanding of artistic practice happening in Europe today.

via Picture Berlin

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