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Google AdWords beta testing (Feature X) (Google Boost)

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I am under a NDA so I can’t give many details but I wanted to share that I am currently beta testing a new Google AdWords feature/service that has to do with a new, simplified system for businesses to buy ads and manage campaigns.

I know enough about Adwords to know that although the interface is very logical it’s too geeky for many people to deal with. A simplified version may be perfect for many small businesses to take the plunge.

I will share my experiences in more detail when the beta testing is finished.

Meanwhile check out the new Google Tags – it’s live now. I was testing it recently and found it to be dead simple to set up and seems very effective in searches where a business needs to stand out from the crowd. If google coupons curently help your listing then this would be the perfect way to amplify an existing marketing strategy.


UPDATE: well, it was called GOOGLE BOOST but now it’s being launched as GOOGLE ADWORDS EXPRESS. Let me know what you think of it….

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