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Joby Gorillamobile 3G – iPhone case and stand

My review for : Joby Gorillamobile 3G – Premium iPhone 3G/3Gs case and stand

It’s a tripod for an iPhone. I have used mine for a while with my 3g and now that i can’t use the case with integrated mount i just use the stick-on mount onto a simple clear case and that slips onto the tripod when needed.

So of course it’s great for using the iPhone as a camera – for video and stills. but it’s also great for using as a laptop replacement. I use Apple’s great wireless bluetooth keyboard and use this tripod as a stand to get the screen in a more comfortable position. Also a great option when using the WordPress for iPhone mobile app when blogging “on the go”.

I have also used it as a bike handlebar mount although i have a dedicated mount for that which works a bit better. See photo below.

Finally, I often use this tripod just as a more comfortable way to hold my iPhone when using it for extended lengths of time – like reading a book via Kindle app for example. This has also been useful recently when testing out Facetime. wrapping my hand around the phone gets uncomfortable over time and this gives me a wide variety of grips to keep my hands happy.

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