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Plugin notes: Riffly video comments

It’s a module/plugin that integrates with an online service that will host video and audio comments. It lets you add video or audio to a comment or to a blog post – or any node. It uses a flash interface that looks for a mic or webcam attached to your computer.

But this plugin is pretty old and seems to not be updated. Might be another case of a company that could not deliver on the fremuim model. Anyone know of something similar?

WordPress plugin is here.
Drupal module is here.

Demo was here – but not working now so i removed the link:

Note there are ads on the video. Not very intrusive, though.For users who get a premium account advertising is removed (up to the limit of the chosen plan) as well as additional features.

Drupal development notes: you might need to “switch to plain text editor” when leaving multimedia comments.

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