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Go Daddy concurrent processes and Apple Mail

Can someone say “SlowDaddy”?

WPMU has an interesting article about how using Apple Mail (aka mail.app) can slow down your site since it keeps a connection to the server open all the time. It might be a hint at why my iPhone mail app only works on 3g and not on WiFi but that problem is still not resolved.

I’ve had lots of problems with Go Daddy and WordPress and I wonder if this issue of concurrent processes is part of that problem.

I called Go Daddy and found they offer 50-300 processes depending on what kind of account you have. Much better than the numbers mentioned in that article: “1&1 shared hosting packages allow for 16 simultaneous processes. BlueHost limits IMAP connections to 20 at a time. Site5 only allows for 5 processes at one time”

Go Daddy limit on concurrent processes (or “concurrent connections” aka “web processes”)

Linux Economy: 50 connections
Linux Deluxe: 100 connections
Linux Premium/Unlimited/Ultimate: 200 connections
Windows limits are similar

4GH (ALSO CALLED “GRID”) accounts allow many more connections. This number varies, but is at the following minimum amounts:

Linux 4GH limits:
Linux 4GH Economy: 150 connections or more
Linux 4GH Deluxe: 300 connections or more
Linux 4GH Premium/Unlimited/Ultimate: 600 connections or more

more details here

BTW I got a nice description of what their new 4gh “grid” hosting is about: it reads data from multiple sources at once kind of like a “Strip” configured RAID array. Also referred to as “multi source reading and redundancy”.


Leave a comment and tell me your experience with Go Daddy in general, Go Daddy and WordPress and concurrent connections (vs concurrent processes vs  simultaneous processes).  If you are an elephant lover (or an elephant?) you should know about Go Daddy’s Bob Parsons infamous elephant hunt. It made me want to switch and I was recommended to try elephant-friendly namecheap. so far I like them – they have far fewer marketing annoyances when buying and managing domains.


also: a great post about GoDaddy and WordPress security


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