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Panoramic Video: Kogeto vs GoPano

Neat stuff – 3 options for little gadgets that attach to your iPhone and allow you to shoot 360 degree videos.


I see complains about fuzzy videos and an explanation that teaches alot about how it works.

But my main issue with this is that it wont shoot stills – that might be more fun for me to play with actually. I think it’s got a wider angle of view than the Kogeto. It’s also slightly bulky – at least compared with the competition…



I  was at first surprised to find a competitor. Very similar but physically smaller and i think that’s a big plus.

  • their kickstarter comments
  • they say “The 4s is going to vastly improve the quality of Dot videos due to the 1080p resolution so we’re really excited”
  • The Dot let’s you view the full 360 in their player – i like that better than dragging around a video to see the whole thing. But you can’t see the screen while sooting and you can’t see as much vertically (gopano sees 90 degrees)

other comparisons:


wait, there is a 3rd option: BubbleScope
360x120degrees in a package that looks smaller than goPano. Update: on sale now for iPhone and some Android phones. Nice videos on their site give a full demo of the software.

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