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GoodSync for Mac


GoodSync is a utility that provides all the tools you need to keep your data safe and up-to-date. It works by synchronizing (and backing up) files such as MP3s, Office docs, photos, financial documents,  between desktop HD/SSD, laptops, servers, and all manner of thumb/external drives.

GoodSync is very user-friendly—its’ got a geeky but usable UI and is full of functionality. If you need a too to backup your data to protect it from crashes or need to synchronize complex data on a network, this tool makes it simple to keep you data current and safe.

Compare to:

  • Syncables 360
  • SugarSync
  • Allway Sync


GoodSync for Mac

Works amoung Mac OS devices or between Macs and cloud services like Amazon S3 and Google Drive. Connect to other computers and devices by using GoodSync Connect , which finds other devices installed with GoodSync on the internet or over a local network in a peer-to-peer style. Performs syncs over a number of other networks, including (s)FTP and WebDAV. Or sync with clouds including Amazon S3, Amazon Cloud Service, Microsoft SkyDrive, Google Drive (Docs), MobileMe iDisk, and Windows Azure. You can also sync with mobile systems like WinMobile and BlackBerry devices.

Important notes about GoodSync for Mac

  • Free version gives 3 or fewer jobs and 100 or less files and folders in each job.
  • You need one license per computer
  • You do not uninstall the old version of GoodSync before installing a new one  unless you want to install into a different folder. The new version will keep the options and settings of the previous one.
  • Any data stored in a file can be synchronized


  • GoodSync Desktop for Mac license for $39.95
  • Other plans for PC, Mobile…

GoodSync for Mac review and tips

Tip: It’s important to create a folder at the destination first. I wanted to synchronize a folder “C:\testfolder” to a second drive (F). When I just set Good Sync “C:\testfolder” as the source and point it to F (as root) I thought Good Sync would create the folder for me but that’s not what happens. You will get  a message indicating the folder on F drive does not exist. If you tell it to go ahead and synchronize no files are copied.

Tip: The default is for Good Sync to only synchronize  when you manually tell it to. You can change that under View – Options-  Job name. You can tell it to synchronize automatically under a number of different schedules.

Bottom line: A great option for syncing data, a mature tool that can cover the bases for many use case scenarios.

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