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Ari’s first Quirky invention: iPhone bike mount

After years of participating in the Quirky community I finally got motivated enough to submit my own invention idea.

Waterproof iPhone bike mount with integrated lens for wide angle video recording or “precording” while biking.



Some bikers want to record their ride for fun. Others want to record their ride for the insurance of having a record of a collision. Everyone wants a cool case that is waterproof and easy to use while biking for maps, music, chatting, reading SMS etc.

This recent NYTimes article talk about the popularity of recording video while cycling


You already have that iPhone in your pocket while you are biking so why not use it as a safety device?

READ MORE AND VOTE UP MY IDEA: Quirky ideations | Waterproof iPhone bike mount with integrated lens for wide angle video recording or “precording” while biking..

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  1. Posted October 23, 2012 at 7:49 pm | Permalink

    This is a very cool idea! Of course bicyclers would love it, why should only car drivers need an iphone dock? My question for you is: Is the case shock proof and shatter resistant? because like you said, people want to record their ride to have a record of a collision, so I’m assuming the case would have to be pretty tough?

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