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Stripe, Gravity Forms and WooCommerce

I have more and more clients who are enjoying using Gravity Forms and Stripe or Braintree to build order forms and take payments on their own sites. Note that the Stripe Add-on for Gravity Forms is free – no yearly fees for the software – if you host your WordPress site with me and/or have me build your site.

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Here’s some other notes about the benefits of using Stripe and why it can replace PayPal, Square and many other tools.

Stripe Account Management: Mobile (iOS)

Control for Stripe (formerly Pay Pad) $Free
Mobile account management for Stripe

  • Create new charges (credit card reader via the device camera)
  • View recent activity
  • Analytics & Reports
  • Rich push notifications
  • Recurring invoices: See the plan a customer is on

The big feature is the ability to accept payments from your iPhone into your Stripe account – there is no hardware for swipes like the “Square” or “PayPal Here” but  instead you use the iPhone camera.

Paid for Stripe $Free (formerly 5.99)

  • Enter payments manually (no card reader)
  • Monitor, refund and retry payments. Email or delete customers.
  • Clean interface. Nice Dashboard.

Card Readers

AppNinjas – The iOS app if free but there is “a monthly fee of $15 (includes 1st terminal) and $9/mo for each additional terminal”. There is no minimal time commitment so you could pay $15 for one month’s service and still get the free card reader – but after that month you would not be able to use the card reader. Works with many gateways including Braintree. If you want to use Stripe or Braintree or your own existing merchant account make sure to start from this page.

Innerfence – The App and Card reader is free but this service requires a monthly fee plus a transaction fee. Min of $9/mo +1.9%. Yes, they add  percentage on top of the Stripe percentage – not a very good deal but comes with extra features: location based sales tax, maps, and online access to manage your account.If you want to use Stripe or Braintree or your own existing merchant account make sure to start from this page.

CardFlight – this seems to be only for app developers. Now they have an app too: SwipeSimple but you first need a SwipeSimple account — only sold through resellers, providers of merchant account services.

WooCommerce and Stripe

One great feature Stripe offers for the WooCommerce WordPress ecommerce plugin is “saved cards”. If users make WordPress accounts in your web store, the user will be able to view saved credit cards when they come back. At payment, they are setup in stripe as a customer and at their next order they will be able to checkout using the same card. A big timesaver for returning customers. Stripe also supports the Subscriptions extension.

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