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Transfer 7gig-10gig files online Free

I have been testing options for how to transfer large video files from one computer to another.

This is a simple option that needs no download or setup but the files time out after a few days: https://www.sendtransfer.com/

more options:

  • Google Drive is the winner – it offers 15GB of free space: But that 15GB limit includes not only your Google Drive, but also your Gmail account (includes all messages and attachments), Google Photos and more
  • Box.com – 10GB of free storage – the free version is a bit buried but you can sign up at:  https://www.box.com/personal
  • Dropbox only offers 2GB free. But it has a robust way of syncing between machines – it can push and not just pull files. It also allows sharing via an instantly-generated URL, you don’t have to share using their system but you can do that also.
  • OneDrive (by Microsoft) includes a free tier that offers 5GB of file storage
  • iCloud Files: 5GB free. add users to a file via their email, phone, etc. You can’t copy a URL and send like Dropbox (I usually prefer that method since you have easier control over revoking access by just moving the file around)
  • Firefox Send: up to 2.5gig free with end-to-end encryption and a link that automatically expires
  • SFTP is very cost-effective but requires some extra steps to set up.
  • NAS – also alot more setup but great flexibility and lots of storage for heavy users. (Synology DiskStation, QNAP TS-251B, Drobo, Etc.)

Other notes: https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/how-to-send-large-files-for-free/

I like this detailed how-to on using Google Drive or OneDrive or Dropbox: https://m.wikihow.com/Send-Large-Files-to-Another-Computer-Using-the-Internet

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