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Get the Dropbox iPhone app

Dropbox has been really useful for me. check it out – available for iPhone now.

Access your Dropbox on the go. Download files for offline viewing. Sync photos and videos to your Dropbox. Share links to files in your Dropbox

via Dropbox – Get the Dropbox iPhone app – Secure backup, sync and sharing made easy..

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Photo call for entry – The Panocturnists

The Nocturnes.com invites all interested artists to enter their latest online Night Photography Exhibition, The Panocturnists. This competition is open to all Night Photographers (NPrs), all photo media – digital, pinhole, glass plate, film cameras – all are fine with us!

Entry Fee and Deadline

There is no limit to the number of pieces submitted per artist. Entry Fee (glad we don’t charge by the pixel, on this one?!): $25 for up to 3 entries; each additional entry is $5. Postmarked dates for entries are NOT acceptable for this competition – we will need to RECEIVE your ‘hard copy’ of entry form and fee by October 22, 2009!

via ENTRY FORM – The Panocturnists.

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How to embed a flickr slideshow in your Blog or CMS

how to embed a flickr slideshow in your blog

Flickr now officially supports embedding (sharing) any group of images. But the method below can give you more control and eliminates the Flickr logo.

Read More »

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Google maps street view animation

an animated explanation of how google builds it’s ‘street view’ into it’s maps service. street view works great on the iphone.

YouTube – ストリートビューのプライバシーについて.

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Ari’s checklist for small business website marketing

All these directories will help your SEO and Page Rank.

Yelp – they have a very strong presence in San Francisco.
Google local
Yahoo local
CitySearch which recently bought InsiderPages
SFstation Business Directory

If you have a specific product that can be promoted try to submit to Daily Candy

Make a free craigslist ad for “skilled trade services”. It will appear in this section:

Mine is super simple:


HelloARI is a full service boutique studio offering turnkey solutions for small businesses with a strong focus on web design: art direction, html and css production and content management systems (WordPress and Drupal). Non-profits welcome.

Learn more on my website: http://www.helloari.com/portfolio

and read my testimonials on Yelp: http://www.yelp.com/biz/helloari-design-san-francisco

Email or call 415.621.4268 for more information.

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On-demand book publishing, promotion and e-commerce

Recommendations for Self-Publishing from Dr. Javier Vera:

clickbank.com: sell your product through their affiliate system

kunaki.com: CDs DVDs on demand

eFulfillmentService.com: offers a complete package of online order processing, storage and shipping

vervante.com: Vervante provides a produce-on-demand solution for books, DVDs/CDs and kits –they ship orders worldwide.

For Art/Photo books I recommend San-Francisco based Blurb. I’ve made a few books with them and always been satisfied.

Lulu offers a similar service but not as focused on the needs of art photographers.

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Nanosolar: innovation from california

Thomas L. Friedman would be proud of this solar power innovator based in San Jose.

Their new panel factory in germany is automated to sustain a production rate of one panel every ten seconds, or an annual capacity of 640MW when operated 24×7. Nanosolar also today announced that serial production in its San Jose, California, cell production factory commenced earlier this year.

Nanosolar has added new capital and brought its total amount of funding to date to just below half a billion U.S. dollars…

via Nanosolar: Blog

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crossbrowsertesting: What happened to free?

These guys have a great product and might really give LitmusApp a run for their money. But it’s no longer free.

“5% paid number in a freemium model is a great percentage traditionally, it only works if you have thousands upon thousands of users (ie Flickr, etc) – it does not work in an industry such as the web design area with a focused audience where we see hundreds of users per day.”

via crossbrowsertesting.com Blog: What happened to free?.

NEW: Bookmarklet. I’ve been using theLitmusApp bookmarlet for a while and it’s great. but this allows you to jump right into using a virtual environment OR taking screenshots.

What is really cool about the whole thing is how it can change your workflow in testing. You can work on a site and get it to your liking and two clicks later you can look at that site in IE6, Opera or Chrome. You can even run screenshots.

via New cool bookmarklet | Pick an OS – Pick a Browser – Test a Website.

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Panorama: Inside Grand Central Terminal

NYTimes: A great panorama from Grand Central Station.

Inside a cramped brick room in the train station are the greasy innards of a hundred-year-old clock with a stained-glass dial, the largest of Grand Central’s timepieces.


via Rooms – Rooms Panorama: Inside Grand Central Terminal – Interactive Feature – NYTimes.com.

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Twitter favorites “favstar”: A Florida woman gave birth …

i found a new way to surf the best of twittersphere

“A Florida woman gave birth to a baby 9 days early at 9:09 in the morning on 9-9-09. But, get this, 8 lbs. 4 oz. LAME.”

“Half of the appeal of staying up late is the total absence of morning people.”

“I just solved world hunger! Or at least my hunger. I assume it’s scalable.”

Twitter favorites: favstar/ Tim Siedell.

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