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Mission Armory

Each of these articles I found online adds another small facet to the strange history of this building.

I’d heard of this idea of converting the Armory to creative uses a long time ago when I moved to the Mission in 1993. A couple years later I visited PS1 in New York and it occurred to me that the Armory could be just as cool.

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Advice for emerging artists

Dawoud Bey has a wonderfully written and inspiring article at ChicagoArtistsResource.

Here’s my summary:
Make good work and soak in the culture you want to engage with. Poke your head outside your work and take time to educate yourself. Keep at it and your opportunities will emerge. You will too.

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Resources for marketing your art event in the San Francisco Bay Area

REMINDER: marketing is attention you pay for, PR is attention you pray for.


I have also used Eventful, SF Station & SF Arts



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Ari’s blog: intro

Ari Salomon is a graphic designer and a fine art photographer working in San Francisco.

This blog will covers a wide range of topics including:

  1. San francisco Bay Area fine art with a focus on photography
  2. Web Design – for the designer and for the small business with a focus on WordPress (the tool that powers this blog)
  3. Sign Design – a specialty of mine
  4. Inventions – big ideas and small. From space elevators to kitchen gadgets, I’ll post finds as well as my own contributions.

I’ll update this post as the blog grows.

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