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Category Archives: Inventions


  What an amazing idea – take a wide staircase and “overlap” a ramp for wheelchairs. Makes me want to think out of the box about using phrases like “think out of the box”. For everyone who has ever gotten around in a or pushed around a baby stroller, you know how frustrating it is […]

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Ari’s first Quirky invention: iPhone bike mount

After years of participating in the Quirky community I finally got motivated enough to submit my own invention idea. Waterproof iPhone bike mount with integrated lens for wide angle video recording or “precording” while biking.   THE PROBLEM Some bikers want to record their ride for fun. Others want to record their ride for the insurance […]

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QA the UI: Time Machine’s backwards ghost

Here’s something that’s been bugging me for a long time. Now, I know the folks at Apple work hard to make the small details shine. I’ve had a couple acquaintances who have been involved with great hardware design there over the years. I have heard stories about the wonderful keyboard design (the super fast keyboard […]

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Tether Relaunches iPhone Version

Tether is an application (2 apps – one for your Mac/PC and one for your iPhone/BB/Andriod)  that allows you to share Internet access from your phone to your  laptop (or other wifi device)  using your smartphone’s data plan. No need for jailbreaking or paying extra for WiFi hotspots or data “tethering” plans. I have not […]

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Compleat: paper cup with integrated lid

Paper or plastic? When it came to cups the answer was always “both” since you didn’t have a choice. Now we do. So the main goal here is to make plastic, carry-out lids obsolete.The design has flaps similar to takeout cartons that fold over to seal in cold or hot beverages, while creating a sipping […]

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Panoramic Video: Kogeto vs GoPano

Neat stuff – 3 options for little gadgets that attach to your iPhone and allow you to shoot 360 degree videos. goPano I see complains about fuzzy videos and an explanation that teaches alot about how it works. But my main issue with this is that it wont shoot stills – that might be more fun for […]

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Solar power for the most needy…

Simpa networks invented a system where poor people can buy a solar system to light their homes and charge their cell phones but they don’t have to pay for it all up front. They pay as they go via cell phone and avoid the higher expense of kerosene—which is cheaper to buy up front but […]

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inventables.com – Soft Gel Magnets!

Wow, what a fun store. All kinds of strange tools that let you invent new stuff. It’s like mind candy.     Inventables is the innovator’s hardware store, selling all kinds of materials in small quantities for purchase with a credit card. Product developers, researchers, artists, and inventors purchase products from our store every day […]

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Eco-friendly office products at EcoVerte

A standard plastic pen takes 1 million years to decompose in a landfill. That was a sobering thought for me as I consider how to sell the remainder of the plastic pens I made for the  SFMOMA ShadowShop show. EcoVerte has a better alternative. Our Biodegradable Collection is made from a material called Polylactide (PLA), […]

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TiGr Bike lock

Check out this really innovative new bike lock. It’s longer but much lighter and stronger than a common U-lock. They have a fun video where they attack it with many kinds of tools: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbodIOMJfcE Sounds like it will be available soon. More at tigrlock.com

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