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Category Archives: Inventions

Recycling Billboards into Modern Residential Buildings

One proposal by Front Architects suggests turning large billboards into lofted homes – small houses to be sure, but located in some potentially fascinating places. via Recycling Billboards into Modern Residential Buildings | Dornob.

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Inventor Portraits and more

I enjoyed this blog – it shares my interests in photography, design and inventions. I bought some of these clever items: About 10 seconds after Pam Turner showed me how to thread her Spiral Eye Needles, I was an expert. It usually takes me longer to thread a needle than it does to sew a […]

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Tokyo Architecture – How to Protect View of Mt. Fuji

An interesting article about a group that is trying to protect their neighborhood view of Mt. Fuji. New buildings keep being built taller and taller. The solution I propose? Just build a public park on top of each of those new buildings. Kind of like the public plaza or “sky lobby” in the new San […]

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Nanosolar: innovation from california

Thomas L. Friedman would be proud of this solar power innovator based in San Jose. Their new panel factory in germany is automated to sustain a production rate of one panel every ten seconds, or an annual capacity of 640MW when operated 24×7. Nanosolar also today announced that serial production in its San Jose, California, […]

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Community-based invention website: Quirky.com

interesting new site that invites anyone to submit and idea or contribute to an existing invention idea. profit sharing model (“influencers”) included. the idea is to bring “community developed” products to the marketplace. Example: Marc Zech had an idea for a double-sided mini hard drive (one USB plug might hold personal data, the other work data). […]

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