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Tint for social mashups and connect pages

An interesting new option for a very visual way to ‘mash up’ any social feeds. “Social Content Aggregator: Collect and curate user generated content” http://www.tintup.com The video on the front page is pretty good at explaining what it is. “tell your story through the voice of fans, customers, and employees” When I tested it, it […]

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Apple Mail “Letterbox” update fix

Apple Mail disabled the amazing “Letterbox” plugin after the recent Mac OS10.6.8 update. Here’s a link to an easy fix. Letterbox is a plugin for Apple’s Mail.app that takes advantage of the full width of your monitor. It rearranges the interface into three vertical columns so the message pane is to the right of the […]

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Panoramic Video: Kogeto vs GoPano

Neat stuff – 3 options for little gadgets that attach to your iPhone and allow you to shoot 360 degree videos. goPano I see complains about fuzzy videos and an explanation that teaches alot about how it works. But my main issue with this is that it wont shoot stills – that might be more fun for […]

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1Password vs RoboForm

Remembering a different password for each site is an impossible task. If you use the same login credentials at most every site you are just asking for trouble that will eventually catch up to you. I started with a text file that had passwords that were partly obscured with a clever formula that was actually […]

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Yelp: How to Respond to Negative Reviews in an Age Yearning for Authenticity

  I’ve had a couple clients recently who came to me with the issue of how to deal with negative reviews on Yelp. Yelp is such a powerful resource for consumers and can be a really great tool to build your business. It’s brought me alot of work and I appreciate that. But negative reviews […]

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Prey: Free anti-theft solution for laptops

  Stop “praying” and instal this great free app that helps you get info on yhour stolen laptop (and other devices). It will give you location info and take images with the built in camera so you have a chance to track down the thief. It’s similar to “Hidden” but better since there is a really […]

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Eco-friendly signage: Paperless “Poster” on glass

Here’s an innovative idea for putting ink on glass. This avoids using a plastic substrate to adhere to the glass. But not nearly as easy and convenient to use. In the end, Speedball’s nontoxic water-soluble inks, though not endorsed for window applications by the manufacturer, held up well while being a more environmentally responsible choice […]

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A More Usable Skype 5 Mac Beta

The new Skype for mac has so many problems. Better video quality but serious UI issues. Full screen mode and partial screen sharing are gone but this skin solves the too-much-whitespace issue. This skin is easy to install and does a great job. We’ve created a quick and simple custom style named “RocketTheme.SkypeChatStyle” that incorporates […]

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TextExpander vs Typeit4me: one bug to rule them

I am trying out “TextExpander” because I was having a problem with Typeit4me where it would stop working often with no reason. The TextExpander folks got back to me quickly with an explanation and I have to assume it is affecting many people. There is a bug in Firefox and Chrome where they enable secure […]

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PayPal iPhone app review: deposit check with a photo

Another innovative feature from PayPal. This is free. Deposit a check just by taking a photo of it with your iPhone camera. I tried it and it took 7 days for the check to clear. Not exactly warp speed so I hope that will improve over time. But still feels “futuristic”. Simple to do: Launch […]

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