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Category Archives: Product Reviews

Cool Tools: The Best Magazine Articles Ever

This is a great collection of articles covering a wide range of topics. I’ve made my way through half of them and have not been disappointed. The following are suggestions for the best magazine articles in English ever.  Stars denote how many times a correspondent has suggested it. This is a work in progress. It […]

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Register.com’s sinking prices: try coupon “RENEW77”

I have worked with a number of registrars over the years and they’re all bad. Bad  UI design, constant upsells and confusing policies. On top of that they make it so annoyingly hard to transfer from one bad option to another. But when they start charging exorbitant rates that is going too far! Register.com seems […]

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Joby Gorillamobile 3G – iPhone case and stand

My review for : Joby Gorillamobile 3G – Premium iPhone 3G/3Gs case and stand It’s a tripod for an iPhone. I have used mine for a while with my 3g and now that i can’t use the case with integrated mount i just use the stick-on mount onto a simple clear case and that slips onto […]

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Best Stevia you can buy

I have used this product for a long time and just wanted to let people know that they can order it online now and according to the research done by WFM sales tax is NOT to be applied to stevia anymore since FDA changed its status from “Supplement” to Food (additive). (Disclosure: I’ve done design […]

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Fly-by-gridview: innovative new flight pricing visualization

This new flight search tool has a great interface. But I see they are missing Southwest in the search I tested. http://www.hipmunk.com/

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PayPal: Send Money Free

2013 update: now this process is simpler than what I describe below.  Just select “I’m sending money to family or friends” and it will clearly tell you there is no fee. Recently, PayPal introduced free money transfers – I find it a convenient way to send and receive money. It’s fast. In some cases, it’s […]

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How Well Can LEDs Meet the Energy Challenge?

I just bought some LED “Ribbon Strip”  for a new version of my Motion Studies light boxes. I came across this interesting article that details why LED technology is not ready to replace fluorescent lighting in many situations. I recently read that IKEA is going to eliminate all incandescent lighting by the end of the […]

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HDSLR Cameras for video

I’ve enjoyed shooting video on my 5D and have been reading up on how the professional use of HD DSLR. this is a blog from a pro hollywood director of photography: http://hurlbutvisuals.com/blog/ he’s a big proponant of using dslr’s for video. i found a couple others too http://www.cinema5d.com/ with detailed techinical discussions here’s another with […]

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Google Maps: Biking directions

This is exciting news for us bikers here in San Francisco… A quick check shows they seem to have good data. Today we’e added biking directions and extensive bike trail data to Google Maps for the U.S. My team has been keeping close tabs on all the public support for biking directions that’s been steadily […]

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Yelp negative reviews: Take a Deep Breath

I often hear from clients who are unhappy with negative reviews or missing reviews on Yelp. More often I hear small businesses that rave about what a boon Yelp has been to their bottom line. Here’s some advice for small business owners on what to do with those pesky negative reviews: The site removes reviews […]

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