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Enhance usability: Footer design for web sites

I was reconsidering how to reorganize the large quantity of date on the TCHO footer: I found some inspitation at designshack.co.uk as well as webdesignerwall.com. And this useful review of 20 websites (from big corporation to small portfolio sites) who organized their footer cleverly to enhance usability.:Webdesigner Depot. TCHO doesn’t use WordPress so it takes […]

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Fly-by-gridview: innovative new flight pricing visualization

This new flight search tool has a great interface. But I see they are missing Southwest in the search I tested. http://www.hipmunk.com/

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Twitter Tools – WordPress publishing now requires OAuth

AKA the “oauthcalypse“… Twitter now requires all third-party app developers to use “OAuth” for user authentication. Twitter’s reflects a big trend on the social web, where basic authentication is being left behind for the more secure OAuth when services and applications connect user’s accounts The biggest advantage of OAuth is you don’t have to tell […]

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Yelp: The Positive Side of Negative Reviews

This Yelp post has a funny video about a barbershop in LA that advertises its negative reviews. They have a healthy attitude about it. Three Things You Didn’t Know About Negative Reviews 1. Most reviews on Yelp are actually positive — about 85% are 3 stars or above. In fact, this is pretty consistent across […]

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WordPress and Mobile Browsers

Most WordPress sites look fine on a iPhone – except any flash content (slideshows, music players etc) don’t show up. The Safari browser in iPhone is virtually identical to the one on the desktop – and there is a windows version too. There are WordPress plugins that will sense when a mobile client (browser) is viewing […]

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Software is a movie, not a building

An interesting blog post comparing software (and y extension web design) to film making and contrasting that metaphor with the process of building buildings. Much beer has been spilled over comparisons of software to physical architecture, and while the analogy is interesting it is inherently flawed. For the industrial-age activities of designing and constructing a […]

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If San Francisco Crime were Elevation…

This is a art project – but very much a UI exercise that is a cousin of web design. A year of crime data for San Francisco from 2009 was used to create these 3D maps. Interesting to read the comments… via If San Francisco Crime were Elevation | Doug McCune.

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AOL Artists: $25,000 grant

The AOL Grant Program 25 for 25 is part of AOLs Project on Creativity, launched during AOLs 25th Anniversary year. We want to connect, empower, and support the next generation of creative thinkers. Inspired by Chuck Closes philanthropic work in art and arts education, we will be awarding grants to tomorrows brilliant creators. Weve assembled […]

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Gravity Forms: better than Wufoo

Gravity Forms is a WordPress plugin that lets you put together online forms via a simple drag-and-drop interface. It’s not free but it’s inexpensive (starts at $39) and amazingly powerful. Not only can you build many kinds of forms but the interface is a pleasure to use and new features are added regularly and the plugin […]

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Apple & Flash: closed is a closed system

Lots of buzz around apple’s Thoughts on why they don’t support flash. BashFlash is more evidence of the anti-flash momentum. And this was a funny take on “The pot calling the kettle black” A blog called Hoopty Rides decided to see what would happen if you copied the text of the letter into your word […]

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