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If San Francisco Crime were Elevation…

This is a art project – but very much a UI exercise that is a cousin of web design. A year of crime data for San Francisco from 2009 was used to create these 3D maps. Interesting to read the comments… via If San Francisco Crime were Elevation | Doug McCune.

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AOL Artists: $25,000 grant

The AOL Grant Program 25 for 25 is part of AOLs Project on Creativity, launched during AOLs 25th Anniversary year. We want to connect, empower, and support the next generation of creative thinkers. Inspired by Chuck Closes philanthropic work in art and arts education, we will be awarding grants to tomorrows brilliant creators. Weve assembled […]

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Gravity Forms: better than Wufoo

Gravity Forms is a WordPress plugin that lets you put together online forms via a simple drag-and-drop interface. It’s not free but it’s inexpensive (starts at $39) and amazingly powerful. Not only can you build many kinds of forms but the interface is a pleasure to use and new features are added regularly and the plugin […]

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Apple & Flash: closed is a closed system

Lots of buzz around apple’s Thoughts on why they don’t support flash. BashFlash is more evidence of the anti-flash momentum. And this was a funny take on “The pot calling the kettle black” A blog called Hoopty Rides decided to see what would happen if you copied the text of the letter into your word […]

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IMAP in Mac Mail

Image via Wikipedia IMAP in Mac Mail (aka Apple Mail or Mail.app) is flaky. But this tip saved me in trying to rebuild my setting after mail crashed and forgot (deleted) all my outgoing servers. Then older messages disappeared from folders because it was mapping to “inbox” twice – or something crazy. The point of […]

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MissJenny turned me on to this new service that acts as a marketplace for logos. The unique thing is that designers can build an entire brand – with company name, logo and a reserved domain name – and place it for sale at a fixed price. For designers this can mean selling designs already completed […]

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Google search ranking: now using site speed

Speed is now a factor in you google ranking. In my tests I found these speed issues are not much to do with the web host but with the complexity of the design of a page. Some aspects of that complexity are inherited from the CMS (WordPress, Drupal, ExpressionEngine etc) and may take a lot of […]

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Meet me @WordCamp San Francisco

I’ll be attending both DrupalCon and WordCamp in the next few weeks. WordCamp San Francisco will be held on May 1, 2010. Last year’s event was attended by over 700 people from 32 countries. via WordCamp San Francisco.

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YouTube: Five Stars Dominate Ratings

Stats from YouTube show that very few people use anything except the ‘5’ in a 5-star rating system. So they switched to a thumbs-up or thumbs-down system. But i wonder what the point of the thumbs down is? the 1-star was not much more popular than 2-4 so why not simplify further? This is exactly […]

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Design To Sell: User Experience Optimization

Some recent links for geneal inspiration when staring at a blank Photoshop browser chrome… Your homepage’s primary real estate (the top left corner, middle section above the fold and the primary navigation) must answer the following questions for your visitors: Who are you?  What do you have to offer me? How do I learn more? […]

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