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Meet me @WordCamp San Francisco

I’ll be attending both DrupalCon and WordCamp in the next few weeks. WordCamp San Francisco will be held on May 1, 2010. Last year’s event was attended by over 700 people from 32 countries. via WordCamp San Francisco.

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YouTube: Five Stars Dominate Ratings

Stats from YouTube show that very few people use anything except the ‘5’ in a 5-star rating system. So they switched to a thumbs-up or thumbs-down system. But i wonder what the point of the thumbs down is? the 1-star was not much more popular than 2-4 so why not simplify further? This is exactly […]

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Design To Sell: User Experience Optimization

Some recent links for geneal inspiration when staring at a blank Photoshop browser chrome… Your homepage’s primary real estate (the top left corner, middle section above the fold and the primary navigation) must answer the following questions for your visitors: Who are you?  What do you have to offer me? How do I learn more? […]

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News ways to take online payments: Square and iPhone

There is a lotof buzz about the “new money” online. A classic Web 2.0 story of new technology taking on established giants – in this case the credit card and banking industries. In February 2009, Jim McKelvey wasn’t able to sell a piece of his glass art because he couldn’t accept a credit card as […]

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Screen Sharing Without Flash Using Black Tonic

I’ve been happy using GoToMeeting, iChat and Skype but this looks like an interesting new option and I appreciate their use of open web standards. Using only HTML5 and Javascript, the service syncs your browser window with the browsers of viewers whether they’re using IE6, Chrome, an iPhone or almost anything else. Transitions between images […]

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The Dan Golden Museum

From an old friend… a great artist… and a great designer… NOT ONE, BUT TWO PORTRAITS OF HUEY LEWIS, APPROXIMATELY 1983/1984 via DAN GOLDEN DESIGNS – THE DAN GOLDEN MUSEUM.

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Yelp negative reviews: Take a Deep Breath

I often hear from clients who are unhappy with negative reviews or missing reviews on Yelp. More often I hear small businesses that rave about what a boon Yelp has been to their bottom line. Here’s some advice for small business owners on what to do with those pesky negative reviews: The site removes reviews […]

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Who Else Wants to Discover The Secrets To Welcome Home?

I suggest avoiding the word “welcome” on any Web site homepage. It’s a cliché and a missed opportunity to convey useful information about your firm. Spend time writing some brief copy — something slightly different to the about page would be appropriate to the home page. Also, “welcome” is an appropriate greeting upon first greeting someone […]

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CoTweet™ – How business does Twitter

If there is more than one person tweeting for your company you might want to consider using this new software that adds many features to a company’s twitter-based branding efforts: Multiple Accounts and Multiple Users Manage up to five Twitter accounts through a single CoTweet login. Invite colleagues to join your accounts to work as […]

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BBC News – Google phases out support for IE6

Google has begun to phase out support for Internet Explorer 6, the browser identified as the weak link in a cyber attack on the search engine. via BBC News – Google phases out support for IE6.

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