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In these blog posts you can read about SEO for WordPress and form building tools for WordPress as well as other advice (shortcut: just buy Gravity Forms) from a WordPress expert.

The best permissions setup for WordPress and Plesk

Years ago, when I first installed WordPress on my Plesk-based server I had some problems with file permission issues. I could not upload images and WordPress could not edit the .htaccess file. The best solution to these issues was to use a few command lines to set the ftp username for the domain to the […]

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Free WordPress Workshop by HelloARI: Web sites for Performing and Visual Artists in Chicago

  Peter McDowell and I will offer the free workshop “WordPress Web sites for Performing and Visual Artists” at the 2011 Creative Chicago Expo on March 12, 2011. The Expo is held at the Chicago Cultural Center, 78 E. Washington and offers free admission. Using dynamic discussion and visual examples, this workshop will go through […]

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WordPress Support » Widget Logic (logged in?)

Do not display for people logged in Question: Is there a conditional tag so that I can show/not show a certain widget based on whether the person is logged into the blog. Answer: the code to use: is_user_logged_in() The forum post below is closed so I’m answering this question here on my blog. BTW if […]

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Plugin notes: Riffly video comments

Riffly: It’s a module/plugin that integrates with an online service that will host video and audio comments. It lets you add video or audio to a comment or to a blog post – or any node. It uses a flash interface that looks for a mic or webcam attached to your computer. But this plugin […]

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Drupal vs. WordPress – designers take note

I hope to attend this (sarcastically named) session at the upcoming Drupal camp: WordPress is better than Drupal, developers take note. Drupal is far behind WordPress in terms of number of users and that’s a cause for concern in the Drupal community. I am straddling both the Drupal and WP communities and it has been […]

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WordPress com-vs-org

The difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org can cause some confusion. Overall WordPress.org allows for complete customization of display/design/branding and also full control over  functionality. Design: .com has limited number of themes to start with. every theme has some customizations like header/logo and bg color. paying for css upgrade gives another layer of possible customizations. .org allows […]

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WordPress powers 8.5% of the web & Windows Live now adds 30 million more

Another sign of how successful WordPress has been at solving the blogging and CMS puzzle. You don’t have to be a WordPress expert to see strength in these numbers. I wonder how many of these new users are looking to customize wordpress layout. Microsoft says that it decided that instead of building its own competing […]

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Twitter Tools – WordPress publishing now requires OAuth

AKA the “oauthcalypse“… Twitter now requires all third-party app developers to use “OAuth” for user authentication. Twitter’s reflects a big trend on the social web, where basic authentication is being left behind for the more secure OAuth when services and applications connect user’s accounts The biggest advantage of OAuth is you don’t have to tell […]

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WordPress and Mobile Browsers

Most WordPress sites look fine on a iPhone – except any flash content (slideshows, music players etc) don’t show up. The Safari browser in iPhone is virtually identical to the one on the desktop – and there is a windows version too. There are WordPress plugins that will sense when a mobile client (browser) is viewing […]

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Ari’s collection of WordPress tutorial videos

Here’s some short and useful wordpress tutorial videos. I’ll keep this page updated with new ones as I find them. How-To: The WordPress.com dashboard – introduction .

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