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Rembrandt Venture Partners

January 4, 2007
Cisco Announces Agreement to Acquire IronPort Systems

December 22, 2006
Mirage Networks Points to New Research Predicting NAC Market Boom

December 21, 2006
GetActive Helps Organizations Maximize Impact of Advocacy and Fundraising Initiatives

December 11, 2006
Cavium Networks Wins FSA's Most Respected Private Company Award

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Rembrandt Venture Partners (RVP) was established as a formal venture fund in 2003 to provide private equity capital to early stage technology companies. The firm is focused on actively managing the portfolio's risk, duration and liquidity and dynamically pursuing investments in a variety of sectors including enterprise software and services, Internet infrastructure, communications equipment, next generation wireless sectors and new media convergence companies.

As many venture funds have dramatically increased in size, and most angel investment activity has eroded over the past few years, Rembrandt believes there are now substantial opportunities for a small, highly-networked fund to focus on early stage investments. Rembrandt's General Partner's are experienced and successful Silicon Valley investors and executives who can effectively capitalize on this opportunity in the marketplace. The General Partners present a team uniquely balanced with over 70 years of fund management, venture capital investment, operational, entrepreneurial and technical experience. Collectively, the General Partners have previously successfully managed four technology-oriented venture capital funds and have invested in approximately 55 private-equity technology companies creating 35 exits producing realized gains in excess of $1 billion on $112 million invested since 1982.

In addition the General Partners have substantial operating experience with a collective 27 years "C Level" experience as CEO, COO, CTO, CFO, and President with operating experience in large public companies and venture funded start-ups. The General Partners have strong entrepreneurial backgrounds with each having founded at least one start-up. Each General Partner also has had turnaround experience in their respective backgrounds. Together the General Partners have returned over $400 million enterprise-value exits as "C Level" executive and/or founder to investors.



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