Matthew Offenbacher

a colorful painting of two people sitting next to each other holding pan pipes
digital painting of two orca whales in a surreal water environment
Hume’s Tomb / A Sharper Image
a painting with a white silhouette of an abstracted vase of flowers
American Painting Today
metal windchimes in the shape of suns and moons with human faces hang in front of a black painting with grey spots
The Lion Side of Under the Porch
a ceramic sculpture of a squirrel holding a wineglass as if about to make a toast
The V&A
a legal document with the Seattle Art Museum logo at top and the words 'Deed of Gift'
Deed of Gift
an unused premade white canvas from Blick art supply on a dark grey background
My Name is Asher Lev
a painting of a black cat rubbing its face aganist a decorative border
Lather Daddy
a pencil sketch with three overlapping circles labled: Did we break that? Can you exchange this? What is that for a bread? What can we get for that? Can we exchange this? In the center it says: What is sucess?
a sculpture on the floor in the shape of a large clamshell holds a pile of oranges
Decor for Interstellar Flight
a painting with scattered dollar signs rests on a stool in a kitchen
The Divided $elf
a paper model of a four-sided cabinet with open doors on all sides and three human figures looking inwards
An Empty Vase
a diagram showing the selection process of six groups of four people, represented by letters of the alphabet
The Gift Shop
a colorful abstract painting of two cats fighting
a printed newsletter with a chessboard patterned masthead that reads: La Norda Specialo and a headline that says: The Ataxic Body: Or How to Write About Ego Death, When Your Social Body Does Not Exisit' and another headline that says: Note from the Editor
La Norda Specialo
a glass-walled room with three large sheets of white paper taped to the walls: one with the name Matthew Offenbacher expressively painted, one with a person in the process of painting the name Gretchen, and one that is blank
Experience Painting Project
track lights on an old wood ceiling project purple and orange light
Light Show for Unesco
a person in a purple hoodie carrying white bags walks past a storefront gallery with a large sign in its window that says: Public Bathrooms
a pencil drawing of a sad dog on a gridded carpet in front of a chair and table that has a vase of flowers, a jug of wine and a bowl of fruit
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