A Special Project for Bard Hall, 2005

A Special Project for Bard Hall

The work in this show asks simple questions about color, line and pattern. For instance, what if the relationship between foreground and background were inverted? What would it look like to fix the shape of the sky, seen through the windows, from a single point in the room? What if you focused on the mortar rather than the bricks? The shape of the wall hangings are based on how the ocean looks between houses, fences, cars and other things that get in the way of a view. How does a broken pattern suggest the part that is missing? These questions involve paying attention to visual boundaries. I hope posing them here, in the community hall of a church, suggests thinking in a metaphorical way about other sorts of boundaries.

Light show, polyester color filters, 2004
Fabric wall drawings, fabric and thread, 2002
Skyline, acylic paint on static cling vinyl, 2003-4
Net, nylon rope and metal brackets, 2004

First Unitarian Universalist Church, San Diego, California