Matthew Offenbacher seeks constructive, positive positions at often difficult intersections of individuals, communities and institutions. His work has been called “freakishly egoless”, vulnerable, funny and queer. Offenbacher grew up in Portland, Oregon and currently lives in Seattle, Washington, USA. He also runs a press which publishes ‘zines and books by Northwest artists.

Individual Exhibitions

2019Cogean?, Bremerton, Hume’s Tomb / A Sharper Image

2019Oxbow, Seattle, (upcoming in June)

2016INCA, Seattle, The Lion Side of Under the Porch

2015Project Diana, Seattle, My Name is Asher Lev

2015Veronica, Seattle, The V&A

2013Lather Daddy Laundromat, Seattle, Flower Paintings

2012SOIL Gallery, Seattle, Decor for Interstellar Flight

2012Sea-Tac Airport, Decor for Interstellar Flight

2012Rod Pulliam Gallery, Portland, Flower Paintings

2011Vignettes, Seattle, The Divided $elf

2009Howard House, Seattle, C.A.T.

2007Howard House, Seattle, Captain of a Huckleberry Party

2006Howard House, Seattle, God, Sex, the Great Outdoors

2005Quint Contemporary Art, La Jolla, Beaver Painting

2004Quint Contemporary Art, La Jolla, New Paintings


2017V2, Seattle, American Painting Today

2015Seattle Art Museum, Deed of Gift (with J. Nemhauser)

2015SOIL Gallery, Seattle, Bed Bath & Between (with N. Nyland and J. Alexander)

2014Cornish College of Arts, Seattle, Thanks, (with V. Haven and D. Cerny)

2011Seattle Catalog LLC (with G. Bennett, W. Greenwood)

2011Prole Drift, Seattle, An Empty Vase (with J. Heishman)

2010The Henry Art Gallery, University of Washington, Seattle, The Gift Shop

2010The Hedreen Gallery, Seattle University, Intellectual Property (with Y. Ott)

2009Helm Gallery, Tacoma, Second People, (with G. Bennett, J. Heishman, H. Hinrichs)

2008La Norda Specialo, a fanzine for artists’ writings

2008Howard House, Seattle, Light show for UNESCO

2005A Special Project for Bard Hall at the First Unitarian Church, San Diego

Selected Group Exhibitions

2018Archer Gallery, Vancouver, I say: “RADICAL!” you say: “FEMINIST!”

2018festival:festival, Seattle, Restorative and Healing Tactics

2018Valley and Taylor, Seattle, Drawing House

2017Specialist Gallery, Seattle, Forever 22+

2017Bridge Productions, Seattle, Many Lands

2016Common Area Maintenance, Seattle, Essential Skimming

2015The Evergreen Gallery, Olympia, Sensations that Announce the Future

2015Hedreen Gallery, Seattle U., Good Neighbor

2015Velouria, Seattle, =^._.^=

2015The London Plane, Seattle, Vases for Branches & Flowers

2015Quint Contemporary, San Diego, Summer Group Exhibition

2015Vital 5 at King Street Station, Seattle, Out of Sight

2015The New Foundation, Seattle, International Supermarket Survey (publication)

2014Foundation B.a.d, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Kunstweekend Charlois

2013Cornish College of Arts, Seattle, Neddy at Cornish Exhibition

2013Frye Art Museum, Seattle, Chamber Music

2012Tacoma Art Museum, The 10th Northwest Biennial (with Seattle Catalog LLC)

2012Hedreen Gallery, Seattle U., The Rug Pulled Out From Underneath ...

2012Cornish College of Arts, Seattle, Old Ghost Ranges, Sunken River, Come Again

2011Seattle Art Museum, Reclaimed

2011Cornish College of Arts, Seattle, Being There

2011Nepo House, Seattle, The Pajama Game

2010Greg Kucera Gallery, Seattle, The Arc of Picasso

2010Grey Gallery, Seattle, Parallel Universe

2009Howard House, Seattle, Build-a-house/Open House

2009California Center for the Arts, Escondido, Quint: Three Decades

2008Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, Weighing and Wanting

2005Quint Contemporary, La Jolla, On the Floor, Wall, and Ceiling

2004ACME., Los Angeles, Singing My Song

Selected Writing

2013Hedreen Gallery, Seattle University, “New Blank Document”, Breathe (catalog)

2012La Norda Press, “SPQR”, Closed Fist Open Hand (book, with D. Webb)

2012La Norda Press, “Why you should care about Czech Cubism” (periodical)

2012Henry Art Gallery, “Conversation”, Hello: the Art of Jeffry Mitchell (catalog)

2011Henry Art Gallery and Publication Studio, The Gift Shop (catalog)

2011SOIL Gallery, “Joey Veltkamp”, Members Catalog (catalog)

2010Lawrimore Projects, “Dear Carolina”, Got Art? (catalog)

2009La Norda Press, “Green Gothic” (periodical)

Selected Reviews

2016Vansynghel, Margo, “Painting’s Not Dead”, City Arts, December

2016Kangas, Matthew, “American Painting Today”, Visual Art Source, 12/16

2015Graves, Jen, “The Most Unusual Art Gift Ever”, The Stranger, 5/6

2015Clemans, Gayle, “Seattle Painter Turns His Award Into a Gift...”, The Seattle Times, 6/21

2015Demetre, Jim, “Good Deed”, Seattle Magazine, December

2015Morser, Juli Goetz, “Formerly Censored Painting Now Belongs to SAM”, Vashon Island Beachcomber, 6/21

2013Manitach, Amanda, “Art in Unexpected Places”, City Arts, October

2012Graves, Jen, “I Love What You’ve Done With Your Spaceship”, The Stranger, 8/7

2011Graves, Jen, “Joy and Elusiveness”, The Stranger, 9/7

2010Beal, Suzanne, “Art of Conversation”, City Arts, July

2009Graves, Jen, “Art is Embarrassing”, The Stranger, 10/27

2009Graves, Jen, “Indian Gifts”, The Stranger, 4/21

2008Graves, Jen, “La Especial Norte #1”, The Stranger, 4/22

2008Graves, Jen, “The Backroom”, The Stranger, 12/2

2007Graves, Jen, “White Weasels”, The Stranger, 10/10

2007Hackett, Regina, Seattle PI, 10/18

2006Lippens, Nate, “What’s Happening”, Seattle PI, 9/29

2005Pincus, Robert L., “Animal House”, San Diego Union Tribune , 6/9

2004Reed, Victoria, “Matthew Offenbacher”, Artweek, v.35:3, April


2016Coast Time Residency, Culter City, Oregon

2014The New Foundation Residency Program Fund

2013Neddy at Cornish Award in Painting

2013Stranger Genius Award Short-List

2012Seattle Storefronts Creative Enterprise (with Seattle Catalog)

2010Artist Trust GAP Grant

2009Betty Bowen Award, Kayla Skinner Special Recognition

20094Culture Individual Artist Award


1989University of California, Santa Cruz

1994Tufts University, Bachelor of Arts in American Studies


2018Pacific Northwest College of Art, Low-Res Graduate Mentor

2017Seattle University, Adjunct Faculty

2017Oakland High School, Visiting Artist

2016Seattle University, Adjunct Faculty

2016Centrum, Visiting Artist for the Emerging Artist Residency

2016Cornish College, Visiting Artist

2016Seattle University, Visiting Artist

2016University of Washington Seattle, Visiting Artist

2016University of Washington Bothell, Visiting Artist

2015University of Washington, Strange Coupling, Community Artist

2015Cornish College, Seattle, Visiting Artist

2013University of Washington, Nebula Project, Adjunct Faculty

2012University Child Development School, Seattle, Visiting Artist

2010Ingraham High School, Seattle, Visiting Artist

2004University of California, San Diego, Adjunct Faculty