Intellectual Property, 2010

Installation view, week 1

Detail: Wynne Greenwood and Philip Thurtle

What makes an intellectual? What is the basis of property? What is the relationship between the life of the mind and the sensual world?

Organized with Yoko Ott for the Hedreen Gallery, Seattle University. Including work by PJ Alaimo, Ken Allan, Cris Bruch, John Carter, Richard Gray, Wynne Greenwood, Mandy Greer, Heide Hinrichs, Robin Held, Isaac Layman, Susie J. Lee, Christine Luscombe, Philip Miner, Saya Moriyasu, Emily Pothast, Philip Thurtle, Charles Tung, Ben Waterman, Dan Webb, Lindsay Whitlow, Greg Wilson, Kathleen Woodward, Jason Wirth and Claude Zervas.

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